Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Absorbed In Art

Art on wall of Sotheby's Auction house on York Avenue absorbs the Anomalous Duo.

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"Susanna and the Elders
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photo manipulation by aleXander hirka

An Embellishment ~ by T. Remington:

Susanna’s expression didn’t change when she became aware of the noise and rushing bodies within arm’s reach. Her outstretched hand didn’t touch any of the passersby. She wondered if the dirty old man leering down at her realized he was being watched, judged even.

It had started suddenly; she was prepared to swear it was when the man with the white hair put his head next to hers and gazed down with kindness. In some dim and poorly understood past there had been a far more intense gaze, a focus that seared past her as a wronged person and instead took her in as a gauntlet thrown down at the feet of long dead Masters who nodded and went back to their espressos.

Another head, with white hair as well no less, but smaller and female, paused and looked up without fear or revulsion into the dark hunger of that miserable old liar frozen and peering over Susanna’s shoulder. Could he now hear the chaos right in front of them? If so, he hid his confusion well. Susanna kept her long-held look of terror in place, easy to do after two hundred and sixty two years.

Wait. A crack appeared and she watched his eyes swivel in disbelief. He wanted to snatch back his bag of coins, but he too was held in place by hundreds of years of peripheral glances and unexamined expectations. He wasn’t going anywhere. The cleaving sword of Judgment held steady and for another five hundred, nine hundred, thirty thousand years he and his foul brother could only know this inescapable fate without ever having tasted Susanna’s sweet flesh.


Saturday, January 5, 2013


Words by T. Remington.   Read by T. Remington.
Audio recording on CD, released 5 January 2013. 
© 2012 T. Remington

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