Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dali Dolly's New Year Dream

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  photo-montage by aleXander hirk
a ~ text by T. Remington & aleXander hirka

It’s right there; Dali Dolly can taste the dust and is sure she’s back out in that surreal swirl of heat and color and wide flat spaces. Lunar. It's recurring - and Dali calls it her Ninth Dream; the anomaly this time around is this wandering goat. Eyes on the edge of opening, Dali remembers some Christian thing about goats and sheep. Horned beasts and cloven hooves. Somewhere in that dream fog an iron bar hits an iron bell nine times, ringing out over and through alkaline dust that has coated Dali’s raggedy old dress nine times. Nine, in Mandarin, sounds like Longlasting. But nothing lasts forever.  The inside of the eyelid sky lights up and fireworks shake the ground and a celebration is on. The lunar new year rings out across the lunar landscape but Dali has to rouse herself; a new waking day is awaiting.