Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gravity's Raindance

This is the third online installment of the ongoing project called Two Stories Up!

The Anomalous Duo - T. Remington and AleXander Hirka - spinning short tales which travel via postal mail to interested readers.
We'll keep this going on a bi-monthly basis for as long as our hearts demand and feed it, and we can afford paper, envelopes, and postage.
(If you are interested in receiving these works in printed form, send us your SnailMail address in an email HERE.)

As the next month's Two Stories Up! goes into the mail we will be posting the previous month's stories on this blog. And  . . . here you are.  
July 2016's Gravity's Raindance.


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Friday, September 2, 2016

Reviews of Two Stories Up!

"Picture camping in the wilds - untouched nature.  No people.  Blue water meets green trees meets blue and white sky. Steve and I and only the essentials. Water, food and bedding.  Gotta bring a book.  And a purple envelope.
First a swim, second a sunbaking and then story time.  Lying on the ground, soaking up the sky, Steve dives into Chandler and I unfold Two Stories Up!

Steve glances over, curious.  "What's that?"  "A friend's creative project."   "Read it to me."
 So in the quiet of pure nature, Two Stories Up! was read out loud and reverberated.
We were taken on two very different journeys and enjoyed them both.
Nothing better than a creative treat.
Thank you. Keep 'em coming." - Joanne Pattavina
"these days i just hate getting my mail . . . your beautiful colored envelop is a beacon of creativity amongst the off white envelopes containing bills and worthless junk. your and X's artwork is spectacular (not just the big stuff, but i especially love the arrows in your last stories about gravity). your stories are engaging and entertaining. thank you so much for these precious gifts. i do appreciate them! it is an amazing project which i hope you will continue." - Gwen Deely

"I look forward to the new stories!" - Martha Hirka
"The stories are the perfect length for my commute to midtown. 
 Much enjoyed!" -   Judy Speezak

"Always look forward to the entire package from envelope to stories to enclosures." - Margot Shinnamon Bach
"Thanks to you and Tammy for your stories.  Your creativity is a breath of fresh air!" - Ruth Riddick
" What an awesome project!  I love it... and have enjoyed the ones I've gotten a lot!" - Laurie Farrington
"Got a piece from ya'll last week thanx. Hey both sides of the paper really really good." - Steph Pappas

image: Wormchow, Justin Ptak, et al